Publishing your web site with Microsoft FrontPage

Microsoft Frontpage
First of all the FrontPage extensions will need to be installed on the server, this can be done via the Hosting Control Panel on your web site.

• Logon to your control panel (usually
• Click the 'Tools' link in the navigation
• Click the 'FrontPage Manager' icon
• Click the 'Install FrontPage' button

If your site doesn't have a Hosting Control Panel open a Support Ticket and ask us to install the FrontPgae extensions on your site.

The starting point for a web site is called the home page, it is the page that is retrieved and displayed by default when a user visits your site. The default home page name for a server depends on the server's configuration. Let the FrontPage Explorer name your first page, which in this case will be index.html. All other pages that follow can be named whatever you choose.

To make the FrontPage Explorer publish your current Frontpage web from your computer to our web servers execute the following steps.

Step 1: Close all open pages in the FrontPage Editor

Step 2: Open your local web site with FrontPage Explorer

Step 3: From the FrontPage Explorer toolbar file menu select 'Publish FrontPage Web'

Step 4: In the publish dialog box specify the location or URL to which you want to publish the current web

Step 5: Click 'OK' in the Publish FrontPage Web dialog box

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