Retrieving your domain email with Thunderbird

The following step by step instructions explain how to configure your Thunderbird email client to retrieve your domain email via POP. Thunderbird is a powerful email program and can be downloaded for free from the Mozilla web site.

Step 1: Open up your Thunderbird program. If you are setting up your very first account, just click 'Cancel' to exit the setup wizard as we will be setting up or adding an account using the account wizard.

Step 2: Go to the 'Tools' toolbar tab and click 'Account Settings'

Step 3: Configuring the 'Outgoing Server SMTP Settings', This step is optional if you are already using Thunderbird to check other email accounts

• On the right side of the window click the 'Add' button
• Description: can be left blank
• Server Name:
• Port: can be left at the default 25 in most cases, check with your ISP if you receive errors sending
• Authentication: enter your username (full email address) and password
• Secure Connection: set this option to 'No'
• Click the 'OK' button

Step 4: On the left side click the 'Add Account' button

Step 5: Select the 'Email Account' option and click 'Next'

Step 6: Fill out you Identity Information

• Your Name: the name you want displayed on your emails (e.g. John Doe)
• Email Address: (e.g.
• Click the 'Next' button

Step 7: Fill out the Server Information

• Account Type: POP
• Incoming Mail Server: (no www in there!)
• Click the 'Next' button

Step 8: Complete the account information

• Incoming User Name: (e.g.
• Click the 'Next' button
• Account Name: enter the label name you want to give to this account
• Click the 'Next' button
• Review your settings and click the 'Finish' button, click 'OK' to exit the Account Settings

Step 9: Click the 'Get Mail' button to test the account. If you encounter errors go to the 'Tools' tab in the toolbar and select 'Account Settings' again. Highlight the various settings on the account to make changes.

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