Setting up SQL Server Management Studio to connect to our SQL 2012 servers

This document explains how to make a remote connection via SQL Server Management Studio 2012 to manage your SQL 2012 database. If you don't already have the program installed you will need to download a trial copy from Microsoft

Step 1: Download SQL Server Management Studio from the link above

Step 2: Burn the ISO image you just downloaded to a DVD.  If you don't want to burn a DVD, you can download VirtualDriveClone from the internet to mount the ISO as a drive letter.

Step 3: Run setup.exe from your dvdrom drive, select Installation on the left, Select 'New SQL Server stand-alone installer' on the right, select Enterprise Evaluation license, then under Feature Selection check off Management Tools - Basic, Click Next and allow the installation to proceed.

Step 4: Go to 'Start > Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2012' and run SQL Server Configuration Manager. Go to to Aliases and create a new alias.

Alias Name :
Protocol TCP/IP Server : 
Port : 5000

Step 5: Go to 'Start > Programs >Microsoft SQL Server 2012' and run SQL Server Management Studio

Step 6: Input the proper credentials, check the 'Remember Password' if you wish.

Server Name:
Login: Username you selected when creating the database
Password: Password you selected when creating the database

Step 7: Click 'Connect', you may also select a Default Database and/or TCPIP Network Protocol under 'Options' if you wish.

NOTE: Be sure to substitute the correct MSSQL# in the parameters above that you were given by Support or by the Control Panel System during the database creation process.

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