Setting up SQLyog to connect to our MySQL servers

We highly recommend using the SQLyog MySQL GUI desktop application over phpMyAdmin to manage your MySQL databases. It is more secure and an unattended phpMyAdmin installation on your web site can pose a severe security risk.

You can download the free Community Edition on the Webyog website.

Step 1: Download SQLyog from the above link

Step 2: Install the application on your computer and launch the program

Step 3: On the connection screen click the 'New' button, give the connection a name and click 'OK'

Step 4: Fill in the proper connection credentials

• MySQL Host: Database host ( or
• User Name: Username you selected when creating the database
• Password: Password you selected when creating the database
• Port: 3306
• Database: Database name you selected when creating the database

Step 5: Click the 'Connect' button to make a connection to the database server

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