Why are my pages not showing up?

There are 3 main reasons why pages you have uploaded to the server are not showing up in your browser.

1. DNS hasn't been updated yet or is not fully propagated to point to our server. In this case you can edit your computer's hostfile to view your site. PC users follow the instructions outline in this article, MAC user can do the same as described here.

2. You did not upload your files in the web root of your site, and most likely in a folder below public access. For more details on where to upload your files, refer to the FTP article.

3. If you web site's entry page is not showing up but other pages are working you have most likely forgot to rename or delete another 'Default Document' that has a higher priority. For example of you remove default.html then an index.html file will be become the entry page of your site.

Site owners can also change the order of the 'Default Document' list, or removed items from the list via their WebsitePanell.

• Click the Web Sites icon
• Click the domain name
• Edit the Default Documents list
• Click the Save Changes button

If your site does not have a hosting control panel, please open a Support Ticket to change your settings.

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