Maintaining web pages with HTML Editors

Unless you know or prefer to write code by hand you'll most likely want to use a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML Editor or a professional web design application. Adobe's Dreamweaver and Microsoft's Visual Studio are some of the best solutions on the market but there are other cheaper and free applications available for you to use. But it helps to have an understanding of the code the HTML editor will write, training courses and tutorials can help you out there.

HTML Writers Guild Trianing Courses
W3Schools Free Web Building Tutorials
WorldWideLearn Web Design Courses

Most of these web design application also come with a build in FTP client to publish your pages to the web server. For help with the FTP setting please refer to our this article.

Software Recommendations

Adobe Dreamweaver (Licensed Software for PC & MAC)
Amaya (Free Open Source Software for PC & MAC)
KompoZer (Free Open Source Software for PC & MAC)
Microsoft Visual Web Developer 20017 Express (Free Software for PC)
RapidWeaver (Licensed Software for MAC)
CoffeeCup HTML Editor (Licensed Software for PC)

Refer to the software publisher's documentation for help and tips on how to use these software applications.

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