What Should I Use, POP3, IMAP or Web Mail?

We offer 3 methods of email connectivity, POP3, IMAP, and Web Based.  Each has its place in this world based on the task at hand.  We recommend all customers use POP3 for daily email connectivity.  It will offer the most efficient method of retrieving and storing your emails on your local computer system.  We recommend IMAP for your PocketPC/SmartPhone/Handheld devices to quickly check for new emails.  We recommend using Web Based when you are away from your main system or PocketPC and wish to check your email at a friends house, airport, or Internet Cafe.

Please don't use IMAP or Web Based for your daily emails.  This causes your email to be stored on the mail server which overloads your mailbox with hundreds of megs of email content, quickly causing excess disk utilization to be billed to your hosting account with us.  Its also less efficient to check your email via a web interface or IMAP vs POP3 because each time you click on an email it must retrieve it in real time where was POP3 stores the content safely on your computer system.

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