Administrator: Adding email users

Access to these features requires you to log in to SmarterMail ( using the administrative account, refer to your setup email. If it is your first time using the service the web mail system will ask you to set a time zone before logging in, just select your local time zone and click Save.

Step 1: Click the Domain Settings icon in the top navigation

Step 2: Click the Accounts option in the left pane

Step 3: Click the New button on top of the right pane
Step 4: Enter the Username (part of the email before @, e.g. sales), enter and confirm a password. Click Save

This completes the basic setup of the account, at this point you can change specific options such as display name, mailbox size, etc... and click Save again or you can go back to Accounts to create more users.
• Display Name: name that will be listed as sender, full email is used when left blank
• Reply-To Email Address: email used when recipient replies, full email is used when left blank
• Time Zone: select the user's local time zone
• Mailbox Limit: allowed space for this user, set to 0 for unlimited within the total allowed for the domain
The password requirements are as follows:
• 8 character minimum length
• must contain letters and numbers
• must contain upper and lower case letters
• must contain at least 1 special character

For more details on all the SmarterMail features click your User Icon on the top right (colored letter button) inside your web mail control panel and select Open the Online Help to access the comprehensive knowledge base included with your web mail application.

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