NTLM authentication failed error solution

Microsoft Frontpage
One of the most common errors is NTLM authentication failed when you attempt to publish your website to an NT server with FrontPage extensions.  Please follow these instructions exactly for an easy to fix.

Although there are two different settings that could cause this message, and the first one is usually the culprit, we recommend doing both just to ensure your problem is fixed.

Issue 1: Log on to network not checked

• Go to 'My Computer'
• Go to 'Dialup Networking'
• Right click on your ISP connection
• Click on 'Properties'
• Select the 'Server Type' tab
• Check the box that says 'Log On To Network'
• Click 'OK' at the bottom
• Click the second 'OK' to close the properties box

Issue 2: Miscellaneous network settings

• Go to 'My Computer'
• Go to 'Control Panel'
• Double click on 'Networking'
• Make sure 'Client for Microsoft' is installed as a service, if not add it using the 'Add' button
• In the pull down box labeled 'Primary Logon' make sure it says 'Client for Microsoft'
• Find in the list of services a line that reads  'TCPIP -----> Dialup Adapter'
• Double click on this setting, find the 'Binding' tab and click on it
• Make sure 'Client for Microsoft' is checked, check it if not
• Click 'OK' at the bottom
• Click 'OK' again, the system should prompt you to reboot
• If not go ahead and reboot the system

Now you should be able to run Frontpage and publish without a problem.

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