User: How to filter low scoring spam into a spam folder

Using SmarterMail 4.x
These instructions should only be performed for domains that have signed up for our Advanced Spam and Virus Filtering service.

If you exclusively use SmarterMail to check your email, you can configured a rule to put low scoring spam into a specified folder. Log in to SmarterMail ( using your full email address and password.

Step 1: Mouse over the 'Settings' tab and click 'My Content Filtering'

Step 2: Click the 'Add Filter' link

Step 3: Check the 'Email Headers' choice under the 'Contains Specific Words' node

Step 4: Click the 'Next' link near the top

Step 5: Check the 'OR' option and put X-MILLSYS-MailScanner-SpamScore: sss in the text area

Step 6: Click the 'Next' link near the top

Step 7: Give the rule a name and select which folder you want the messages moved to

Step 8: Click the 'Save' link near the top

This will force any spam scored 3 or greater to be filtered into your specified folder, there is a very small chance a valid email could arrive into this folder so it gives you the opportunity to retrieve that message easily.

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